Fairlee Motel & Drive-in Theater, Logo

About Us

Fairlee Motel & Drive-in Theater is a small old-fashioned motel in Fairlee, Vermont, that screens drive-in movies every summer. We are actually one of the two motel-movie drive-in combos operating in the United States.

Hi-way Five Drive-in

The drive-in was first built in 1950 and was originally called the Hi-way Five Drive-in. Back then, I-91 didn't exist and Route 5 was the main road. The theater has a movie screen, projection booth, and snack bar. In 1960, six rooms were built on the snack bar's south side and, in 1966, six more rooms were added to the north side.

Additional Improvements

With the second owners, the name was changed to the Fairlee Drive-in. We are the third and current owners who have purchased the combo back in 2003. To improve our customers' viewing experience, we added FM stereo sound, outside sound by the snack truck, a projection booth, and a new 35 mm projector for a much brighter picture.

Digital Era

In 2014, we bought a new digital projector, which provides better and clearer picture and sound. We're all very impressed; both with it and the efforts and generosity of our local community and a national Kickstarter campaign that helped us raise funds for the new projector.