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Save Our Drive-in

At Fairlee Motel & Drive-in Theater, we show the latest movies for patrons in Fairlee, Vermont, and the surrounding areas. We use a projector that runs 35mm films. However, movie studios have told us that soon there will no longer be 35mm prints available and all movies will be in digital format. This requires a digital projector. Current estimates put this at about $80,000. Without a new projector, we will be forced to close the drive-in.

Raising Funds for a New Projector

To raise money, we set up a projector-equipment replacement fund. We have started Kickstarter™ campaign, which had been quite a success and we thank the people who sent their contributions. The donations collected over the last two years and the Fairlee Drive-in Kickstarter campaign have been used as a down payment on a new digital projector. It is up and running, and the picture and sound are awesome.

Keeping the Drive-in Open

The local community, drive-in patrons, and concerned people from around the globe have been incredibly generous. We're happy to say that your "local American icon" is here to stay. We are still trying to raise the remaining 1/3+ or about $28,000. We hope that everyone will continue to use the drive-in for their family-friendly entertainment source. Remember to bring a friend, buy food at the snack truck, or buy a t-shirt. It all helps to keep the drive-in open!

Sending Out Rewards to Supporters

Kickstarter has just completed their processing of pledges! We've sent out surveys to all backers to compile shipping info, t-shirt sizes, and other details. In addition, we have shipped out Frisbees™, t-shirts, and posters (except for those that wish to pick them up at the drive-in). Speakers are mailing out now, and we appreciate your patience. We had so many rewards; it's taken longer than expected. Thanks to all for your generosity.

Drive-in T-Shirts

Get your own Fairlee Motel & Drive-in Theater souvenir t-shirts. Available in all sizes, these shirts are blue in color and feature our logo. You can buy it personally from our motel/drive-in for only $20. Alternatively, you can purchase by mail for $25 and pay via check or PayPal™. To order by mail, please e-mail us your order (number of items and sizes) and include your name, address, and phone number. Let us know if you'll be paying by check or PayPal. Make sure that the e-mail address you contact us with matches the one used with PayPal. Upon payment, we'll mail out your t-shirt(s) via USPS.