Fairlee Motel & Drive-in Theater, Logo

Enjoy Your Stay in One of Our Clean & Comfy Motel Rooms

Fairlee Motel & Drive-in Theater rents out motel rooms on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As a tourist motel in rural Fairlee, Vermont, we only accept advanced reservations. Expect our rooms to be clean and comfortable, including our efficiencies.

TV Watching in the Fairlee Motel Room

More than Just a Motel

We are a small old-fashioned motel where you can park in front of your room. Extensive renovations were done to better serve our guests. Depending on the season, we also show movies in the drive-in movie theater in our back yard.

Exciting Amenities

Each room at the motel has a private bathroom with shower. Circa 1960's wall speakers are installed near each room's back window through which the sound of the movie playing at the drive-in can be heard. Other amenities in each room include:

  • TVs with Satellite Reception from Dish Network™
  • Clock Radio with Alarm
  • Telephone with Voice Messaging
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave

Non-Cancellable Reservations

Reservations should be made in advanced since we are a destination motel, not a drive-by lodge. We are open all year round but, because of our rural location, we have little drive-by traffic. Due to the small number of rooms we rent, all reservations are prepaid and non-cancellable. We expect our guests to book their rooms early on and rarely at the last minute. When you can cancel, we will not be able to re-rent the room. Please be sure of your reservation before you make it.

Registered Guests Only

Also, our rooms are for registered guests only. You are not permitted to accept visitors, and only the names listed on your reservation form will be allowed in the room. Please remember that our rooms are non-smoking, and we do not allow pets inside.

Rates & Check-in Times

Room rates depend on the time of year, number of guests, and length of stay. We charge by the person and by the bed. There are times when we have no rooms available, so get in touch with us for availability and pricing. Keep in mind that we are not a chain motel: There is no one waiting in the office to check you in, so check-in must be pre-arranged. Call us the morning of your reservation so a check-in time can be arranged.

For reservations only call (603) 272-5008.